The Münchener Herrenclub e.V. provides social contacts among leading personalities. This is how the bylaws of the Club defines the purpose of the Münchener Herrenclub e.V.

The platform provides a well-rounded program in the club for its 775 members who come from all domains of our society.

The image of a gentlemen as a human being, determined by an inner attitude, a certain lifestyle and a liberal and sovereign contact with other people, is our ideal. The decisive factor is not origin, but character.

The Münchener Herrenclub e.V. does not see itself as a representation of interests or as a platform for professional advancement or network organization. The numerous events such as visits, lectures, museum visits and joint trips lead to a better acquaintance of the club members and provides friendships that last for a lifetime.

Decisive for the admission for new membership in the Münchener Herrenclub e.V. is the proposal of an existing member seconded by an additional member.

Guideline for new members is the statement of our Honorary President Dieter Wendelstadt: "Education, straightforwardness, style, modesty and confidence are to distinguish each member of the Münchener Herrenclub".