Traditional and modern.

Club History

On May 22, 1973, nineteen gentlemen gathered at the Munich Hotel Hilton to create a club of a special kind: The Münchener Herrenclub e.V. The founders continued the tradition of the association founded in 1851 and dissolved by the Nazis in 1934.

Today's Münchener Herrenclub e.V. continues the tradition of the Münchener Herrenclub founded in the middle of the 19th century by Freiherr von Pergla, Graf Bothmer, Max Graf Otting, Graf Montgelas and Max Graf Lerchenfeld.

The young club had its first domicile in Café Tambosi next to the courtyard garden arcades. A few years later, the club moved to the pavilion at the corner of Ludwigstrasse and Galeriestrasse.

The Münchener Herrenclub quickly developed into a "decisive part of the social life of Munich". The club prospered and in 1912 the Preysing-Palais, located between Theatinerstrasse and Residenzstrasse, became the club's own premises.

With the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933, however, the tide turned and the Münchener Herrenclub e.V. was closed, because it was now considered "untimely exclusive". In spring 1934, the former Münchener Herrenclub merged with the Bavarian Automobile Club - Co-owner of the Preysing Palace - to form the "Club von München".

The Münchener Herrenclub e. V. was re-established in 1973 in the tradition of its former roots.

The Presidents of the Münchener Herrenclub e.V. since its reestablishment in 1973 have been as follows:

Dr. Werner Disko
Founding-President 23rd May 1973 - 5th March 1998

Dieter Wendelstadt
Chairman 5th March 1998 - 8th May 2010
Honorary President since 2010

Prof. Dr. Jörg-Engelbrecht Cramer
Chairman 8th May 2010 – 5th July 2016
Honorary President since 2016

Ruprecht Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen
Chairman since 5th July 2016

Andreas Graf von Rittberg
Chairman since 16th May 2022